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how to sell marketing products to a franchise?

I dont understand how franchises in UK work, in specific the estate agency that recruit mortgage brokers.
Also im looking for ideas on how i would promote (sell) marketing tools at these franchises – to genereate increased leads.

im only looking for specific anwsers – so reply with full thoughts please.


You want to sell marketing tools and you don’t know how to market them? I don’t think I would trust the marketing tools of someone who didn’t know how to market.

Ask yourself how do these marketing tools generate leads?

How can I use my fantastic marketing tools to generate fantastic leads for me to sell my marketing tools?

If you can’t do that? Then there is NO way I am going to use your marketing tools.

Wow, you are like the 10th person who has great marketing ideas who asks how to market them.

By elimination they can’t be that great if you don’t know how to market them to those who could use them.

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