by Corte Swearingen
Do you give your prospects anything when they make contact with your business? Many business owners only have a single brochure to attract customers. It’s better to put together an entire communications folder to help educate your prospects and turn them into customers. This article will discuss the best components for your business folder.

Insert #1: Your Story

Why did you start your business? How passionate are you about what you do? Your business story lets prospects know why you started your business and helps to share your passion.

Your compelling story is a simple one-page sheet that explains why it is you created your company. Make it personal and engaging. Don’t be afraid to be more informal when you write your story. It’s important that the prospect enjoys reading it.

Here’s how you can craft the best personal story.

- Be personal – Talk about the people you’ve touched in your business

- Try to create emotion in your story

- Make it fun to read your story

- Tell your story with passion

- Show your human side – talk about mistakes you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned

A strong company story is a great way to begin your business folder.

Insert #2: Your Competition

The purpose of this insert is to summarize why people should buy from you as opposed to your competition. Summarize all the advantages of doing business with your company. Communicate your unique approach, the value customers get when they do business with you, and why your products and services are the best in your field.

I recommend making this a single sheet and pick just a few critical points to communicate.

Insert #3: The Problem Solver

What’s your past history of solving customer problems in an efficient way? This insert should describe your past success as a problem solver.

I recommend you include the following.

- Define the major issues of your target market

- Describe how your services are able to solve these issues

- Describe the steps needed to solve the problem

Insert #4: Service and Product Summary

This insert should list out the different benefits of your service or products.

Focus on product benefits, not product features. This is important to remember. That extra knob on your product isn’t meaningful unless you can explain how it solves a specific issue.

Insert #5: List of Testimonials

On this insert, list out your best customer testimonials. Here are some ideas.

1. Many customers may feel they don’t have the time to write a testimonial. For customers with an established relationship, write one up on their behalf and present it to them for their approval.

2. Ask customers to write you a testimonial on the spot. Provide them with a pen and a slip of paper. Satisfied customers will rarely refuse your request.

3. Ask the customer to write the testimonial as if they were recommending you to a business friend. This will make it more compelling.

Insert #6: The Informational Article

It is important to find ways to building trust in your prospects. One great way to do this is to summarize an article from your website and then provide the URL so that prospects can view and print out the entire article for themselves.

So there you have it – all the main components of a strong marketing communications folder. You can purchase a pocket folder with your logo and tag line printed on the front from your local print shop or a service such as VistaPrint. I recommend purchasing folders that have slots on one of the inside pockets for your business card.

Make sure you give out your folder to anyone that expresses interest in your products and services. It’s a great marketing strategy that goes a long way in building trust and converting prospects to customers.

About the Author:
Corte Swearingen is the creator of the SmallBiz Marketing Tips Website and publisher of the free ebook 101 Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business. He has been a strategic marketer for nearly 20 years and is currently the Director of Marketing for Block and Company, a leading provider of money handling products and solutions.

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