Hello folks, this is “Seth Rubberfold” with the next edition of “Making Money Online”. In the last article I talked about the dangers of “hype” products versus the “real deal”. Some of the internet marketing gurus realized the possibilities of selling hope, and used that realization to cash in on people’s dreams. The downside was that many people, when stung by a false product purchase and disappointed, refused to continue in online marketing. However, we’ve learned how to avoid such painful experiences, and differentiate between illusive marketing techniques (hype) and manifested experience (the real stuff).
We can make money, it’s totally possible online. Let’s go over some of your options, and find out exactly how those gurus make their money by selling real products, not just hope and get rich quick schemes. Remember some of the guidelines you must have. Real content that promotes your product, but more importantly is valuable and interesting. People like to learn, and be successful at the same time. Take for example a cruise ship vacation. How would you like to sit on a sunny beach, with your entire family for only 99 dollars a head? Not too shabby eh? But, how about this description: How would you like to enjoy the sunny beaches of x island, while exploring the rich culture of x people. X people have been around since the island was discovered and are famous for x types of pottery. Not only do you get fun in the sun, but a free tour of the island, and a free x type of pottery making class.
Content is king. The latter description is much more interesting, leaves something to be learned, and is valuable educationally. Maybe people reading only the first description didn’t even know that the island inhabited native people. In any case, you want to have rich content that leaves both casual readers and customers content. These guidelines will help you in your online businesses, and keep customers returning to wherever you give them information.
Another way of creating revenue and web site traffic, besides attracting customers to content, is to connect suppliers with buyers. This method is basically just a start up technique that can ease you in to the online world. There is not typically a start up fee. All you have to do is sell other companies products. You don’t have to invest, you can simply find free web space, write some articles that link to your web site, and submit those articles. This is the best way to get started, because it’s risk free, besides the time you invest.
You are paid be referring customers. Referral fees are very common in the online world. In fact, many websites are set up to allow other sellers to sell their products, for a commission rate. Your commission rate is like a referral fee. For example, you are seller A. You are selling X companies product. You tell seller B, and he signs up as well to sell X companies product. For every product B sells, you get a ‘referral rate’, which is the same as a commission.
While this method has some advantages, I prefer to sell my own products, and become company X! I did, however, start out this way. I created a website that explained the entire ordeal in simple ways, with tons of FREE and incredibly useful content to help people sell the products. While I didn’t let them know I really worked for company X, or that they could do exactly what I was doing, I did give them a lot of free training tools and helped them make money. Because I made money, I wanted my top earners to make money, and created a small “corporation” so to speak. I let them in on the deal, and they opened their own little sublets of my same business.
The way it actually works, is that they all have usernames, and their usernames are link to my username. I get a small percentage of all their profits, so the more they make, the more I make. I eventually had everyone move to my new company, and I am now the “X” instead of the “A”. And because I was honest, and helpful, I built loyalty in my “downline”. A “downline” is a term used in networking. It means everyone linked to you that you profit off of. I also had the resources of my “upline”, which I of course shared with my downline.
If this is something you’re interested, it takes a lot of time finding loyal workers, training them, and building your business, but it’s definitely worth it. If you want to make a few investments, and become the “X” company right away, I recommend you do so. However, if you don’t have the experience, the least you can do is learn from other people’s mistakes and successes by reading “Money to Be Made Online.
In my next article I’ll go over the next way to make money, including blogging and other little internet marketing niches. I hope you’re ready to grab your copy of “Money to Be Made Online”, and are excited to read about the ins and outs of various options you’ll have! Stay tuned for part 4.
I hope to see you in the lands of success and happiness! Until next time, bye!

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