That’s right. Making money online does not have to cost you anything but your time. So in essence I guess it does cost you, because my time is very valuable to me. As I’m sure it is to you. But putting in the time now will greatly benefit you in the near future.


There are two ways that are very popular ways to market. They are Pay Per Click (or PPC) or article marketing. PPC is very helpful, but you have to do your keyword research and you have to pay for the clicks you get from Google Adwords. There are many great eBooks out there such as Kyle and Carson’s “Beating Adwords” that will help you get the most out of your adwords campaign.


The whole deal with making money online with adwords is that you can create an account at Google Adwords. Then you get to create an ad that Google will post on the top searches for the keywords that you use. How much you set for your budget will determine how much your ad will be viewed. But adwords campaigns do cost you and making money online does not have to cost you any thing.


If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, I would start out with article marketing. Article marketing does not have to cost you anything. The beauty of article marketing is that lets say you write 10 articles and then submit each article to 200 different directories. You have your affiliate links and a link back to your website in your article. That’s 2000 articles submitted, 2000 places where your back links are located, and 2000 places where your affiliate links are located. It adds up pretty fast. This makes it easier for you to get indexed by Google. This is very important and its called natural SEO (search engine optimization). It’s a natural way to get found in the search engine. And remember that you have to change your articles slightly before you submit them to different directories, unless you are just interested in getting back links. In that case you do not need to change anything. You can learn all about this, SEO, blogging, article marketing, adwords help and more at Wealthy Affiliate University. Plus they have their own website builder called “SiteRubix” and free web hosting.

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