Making money online or Internet marketing is not as difficult as people think. But one thing that I have come to realize is that like everything great in life that you do successfully, you have got to have and follow a laid out plan of Action.
Consider for example such endeavors or activities considered as been very risky, e.g. gambling or Betting, Forex trading, etc., there are few persons who get wildly successful in them. What is the secret or reason behind such? It is the fact that they have got a system which they follow with great dedication. Without it, they would be chasing shadow. That is the difference between them and the majority. Remember the 20 – 80 theory?
Internet Marketing or making money online is no exception. Once I discovered this, my life changed from being a failure online to success.
So in this article, let us look at the fours crucial step you need to follow to make money online. I use them and you too can also adopt them.
1. The first step is to identify and join a good affiliate online. This is quite obvious, but surprisingly many people still miss it. For you to make money online, you have got to be selling a product or providing a service which the people need. In other words you are providing people with some thing of value, something for which they are ready and willing to pay for.
Forget those who tell you that you do not need to do any selling and stuff like that. It is not true. They are just after your money
For you to create a product or service of your own at the earlier stage may be too much for you, that is why I recommend that you join an affiliate program. For those who do not know what an affiliate program is, it is just like becoming a sales agent for a company online. You sign on free and get a link or code. Anyone who you get that buys from the link from the company earns you a percentage and this can easily add up.
2. The second step is to get a domain name and pay for a web hosting account to host your own website. The importance of this can not be over emphasized. On the offline world, you register a business or DBA name that you use for all your business activities.
Offline, it is not different, remember it is still business whether online or offline. It cost about $10 p.a. for a domain name and you can get one at Also hosting is inexpensive. You can get one for less than $5 per a month. A good web host that I recommend is You need a website if you are going to be successful online. That is the bitter truth.
3. After you get your domain name and pay for hosting, you need to set up your affiliate website. If the company you are working for has a website already designed for her affiliates, it may be a good idea to start with that, but it is always good to make some changes to it, to customize it a little. Make sure that you have your affiliate link correctly insert and make sure that you test it by clicking on the link and checking the click through report in the admin area.
4. The next step is to promote, promote, and promote. This is the main core of activity for you as an affiliate. It is a number’s game. The more people you get to visit your site, the more sales you make. The statistics is in the region of 10% conversion rate. That is, it takes on average 100 people or targeted visitors to make 1 sale. In other word, if you want 10 sales, you need to attract 1000 people who actually need the product or service that you are promoting. I assume you already know how to promote, so I am not going to go into that here.
Do the above and I assure you that you will be surprised at the outcome.

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