List Building – Create a Money Making Sales Force
The easiest and fastest way to make money in Internet Marketing is to have a large list. With a great list you have an entire force of people you can market to at anytime. That’s why list building is very important. With list building you can create a money making sales force.
There are many different tactics you can use to build your list. But before you can apply any of them, you first have to get an autoresponder to capture emails and names for you. Two of the most popular autoresponders are offering by AWeber and GetResponse. Both of these sites offer great autoreponders that will capture names for you list and keep those names nicely organized.
Once the ability to build a list is in place then you can actually start with the list building.
The fastest and easiest way to do this is to offer a free report or something else. In exchange for people giving their email to you, they will get something of value for free. Just make sure it is valuable, otherwise people won’t buy anything from you. For example, on my site you see I offer 3 free reports in order to ensure the people who subscribe get great value. If you make the free gift valuable then people will associate you with quality information and they’ll be very likely to buy from you when you market to your list.
To get the offer out there try a couple simple tactics.
First you can use your signature in your email and on forums. Obviously forums are the better tactic between the two. You should join forums within your niche and make quality posts. Then once you’ve made 10-15 good posts, you can put the offer for a free product in your signature so every time you make a post people on the forum will see your offer.
Another great free tactic for list building is to join with other people for a group giveaway. For example, all of you will put in a free product and everyone will also market the free products. Then when someone wants to takes advantage of your free product that person will have to go your site and give their email for the free product. Since it’s a group giveaway, you’ll get tons of exposure all at once. This is a great way to build your list fast.
Strong list building can create a money making sales force for you. With a large list, you’ll have built-in potential customers who are interested in your niche that you can market to at anytime. Therefore a great list will equal more money for you.
There are so many different strategies available to you at times it can almost seem overwhelming. That is why it is important for you to seek a mentor to assist you with this vitally important skill which forms the foundation of your online career.
I recall when I started I was similar to many people in that I hadn’t even heard of lists. My experience started out with success on ebay and I later became a more avid and focused niche marketer.
I cannot over state the importance that before you begin anything start with products and strategies to build your list. That is how you make money online plain and simple. If you deeply want to work from home and earn cash online then begin there and nowhere else.
Check out my free report on how to build a Six Figure Sales Force for really detailed list building strategies.

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