Make money online is the most common buzzword in the Internet Marketing World. There are literally dozens of online business opportunities around the world that pop up everyday. Many are legitimate and others are not. The exciting aspect of the medium of online business opportunities is this; anyone and everyone has an opportunity to do something they’ve never done before and succeed.
The question usually is, “Where do I start?”. The easiest way to gather information is to run a search engine with the keywords that apply to your interests such as “online business opportunities, internet marketing opportunities, online health product opportunities, making money online, etc…”
One such online business opportunity that has popped up recently is the Smart Auction concept that has been sweeping Europe over the last year. One such company created a business model of a reverse auction where consumers can enter any auction for the cost of a credit. This credit is purchased for less than a dollar and enables one to see the current price of the item in the auction.
The items that are listed are brand new, brand name only items, the most recognizable brand names in the world. These items list all their features and specs (which most consumers already know due to manufacturer branding and advertising) but do not list the current price. Here’s where the model gets interesting and anyone can make money online.
Unlike eBay the products aren’t hand me downs from someones garage or basement but are brand new with full manufacturers warranties, etc… Secondly the price of the item in the auction starts at the full retail price and drops with every viewing of the current price. This one auction isn’t a bidding auction but a viewing auction. By purchasing a credit and viewing the current price of an item the price drops 25 to 30 cents US. The more people that view the item price the more and faster it drops.
Eventually the item is at a price that is appealing enough for someone to buy it. So for the price of a few credits one has the opportunity to purchase a brand new brand name item for pennies on the dollar.
Another auction actually rewards a winner with the auction item in question for free just because it was their credit that drove the continuously declining price to zero. What an amazing idea for an online business opportunity as well as a consumer opportunity.
Someone once said, “If you can build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your doorstep”. I believe someone built that mousetrap so watch out for it!

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