In this Web 2.0 era, it is easy for everyone to make money online. There are lot of ways lazy people can make money online. Here is one way – “Auto Niche Video Sites”.  Auto Niche Video Sites are websites which pulls videos from Youtube based on your keyword (your niche). You can monetize this type of sites using Adbrite, Bidvertiser or with any other affiliate products. Don’t use Adsense with this type of sites as it is against Google TOS.

The success of Auto Niche Video Sites purely based on the niche you select. Tutorials, hot TV series and Music niche works well for this type of sites.

How to setup an Auto Niche Video Site?

There are two easy ways to setup Auto Niche Video Sites; using Youtube Video Sites Generator in a Box or using TubePress, a wordpress plugin.

Youtube Video Sites Generator in a Box is a professional tool for building Niche Video Sites. It costs around $10, which is a very small price for this professional tool. With this software you can create your niche video site in just 6 clicks. The site looks like a professional video website.

TubePress is a WordPress Plugin. With this plugin you can change your wordpress blog into a Niche video site. This plugin is free. But the ugly interface is the only drawback with this plugin.

It is up to you to select Youtube Video Sites Generator or Tubepress.

How to promote Niche Video Sites?

Rely on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon and other sites for traffic at the initial stage. Be an active member at forums related to your niche. You can bring traffic to your site with your forum signatures. Once you started getting traffic from Google or yahoo, then you can start focusing on your next niche site.

This is an easy method for lazy people to make money online.

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