Anyone can make money online you don’t have to be a guru or professional internet marketer. If you are an affiliate or internet marketer there is one thing you need and that is traffic. There are so many methods to generate traffic and most of them are FREE this is the best thing about internet marketing.

Say you work full time 9 till 5 job you could spend 2 hours each day and not spend a dime on advertising. After a while you have your own residual income setup for virtually the rest of your life.

Here is the best advertising method I use and it is rather common if you haven’t heard of it you need more research or just email me and I will help you. It is Search Engine Optimization with this it helps you get ranked highly in the search engines for whatever phrase you wish. Basically you need the phrase embedded in your sites content so it is relevant then the search engines will rank you highly for that phrase, remember this is the BASICS.

The other method which you must use in order to receive traffic and rank higher in the search engines is LINKS. These are very important to rank highly, submit to directories and email websites and request for a reciprocal link. The more links you have pointing to your site the higher you will rank. When you request a link remember to write to them how it will benefit them and what a valuable resource it will be without sounding like you are trying to sell it.

One critical element to your success which doesn’t involve traffic is taking note of what works on you. Let me explain when you see an advertisement what makes you click that one over another one. Even when you receive an email what make you delete some and click on others. All these things need to be noted down so you can use what works and stop using what doesn’t work this is very critical to your success.

Finally one other issue that needs to be addressed, when getting links try to get one way links pointing in to your site this will help you rank high in google. To rank high in yahoo it doesn’t matter you can have reciprocal links or one way. This may change soon as google is planning to rank based on the one way links relevance to the content in your site, this may take a while for them to put this system in place. This means that your requests by emailing the sites will be more crucial in promoting your website than the other means.


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