An entrepreneur usually begins the home-based business online as a small one-person operation, but with hopes of transmuting the hobby or lifestyle choices into a functional and profitable business. In order for the business to grow, the business owner must increase the number of customers served, or the intensity of the order stream must be increased. A third option is to add new products or services that appeal to more potential customers. Here are some tips you can use that will allow you to increase your customer base while you make money online.

Narrow your focus

Surprisingly enough, one way to increase your customer base and make money online is to narrow the scope of your advertising and marketing efforts. If you’ve been using a scattergun approach, your marketing campaigns may not always reach the people who are most likely to purchase your product or service. In the world of marketing, more is not necessarily better. By choosing your product characteristics and matching your marketing efforts to the people who are most likely to use your product, you will have more targeted advertising and you are much more likely to be in contact with the individuals who are going to use your service.

Know your market

Before you can increase your customer base, you must understand who your customers are. If you approach marketing without understanding the dynamics of your customers, much of your advertising efforts will be wasted. You may think that you want to sell to everyone who gets on the Internet, but your customer base is more likely to increase if you are aiming your marketing efforts at the characteristics of the people who are going to have an interest in your product or service already. In other words, if you are marketing sheet music for the dulcimer, you probably won’t find too many customers in the bass guitar music web sites, so if your advertising is limited to the wrong site, you are less likely to make money online.

Price it right

Related to the advice to know your market is the idea of pricing your product correctly. You don’t want customers to look at the product or scroll to the bottom of the web page to check the price and go on to another page. You won’t commonly get into a price discussion if the customer believes it is way too high for the item or service. The customer wants to get the best possible price on the product and so does the seller, usually there is a significant difference between the want of the customer and the price of the product. You can’t make money online if the customer is not willing to pay the price you set.

Ask them again

Repetition is often the only way to turn a visitor into a purchaser and make money online. When a customer sees a business name several times, they are more likely to gain name recognition through consistent viewing of your company name or logo. When it comes time to purchase the product in the normal course of living; the effective advertising plan will make sure to ask the targeted consumer to purchase the product using more than one means of expression.

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