Nowdays a lot of ways to make money online specially if you want to get paid for blogging. Recently there is a program in internet that will pay you just for review their advertisers website and post it into your blog. This program is called as paid for review. One of best website that will pay you is Smorty. With smorty, you will get paid in Paypal minimumly $6 per website review and you will get paid higher if you have a good score in smorty and also have a high PageRank in your blog.for the example, if your blog got PR6, the review could be more than $100¬ bad are not you?
To join this program is so easy, just go to smorty and signup as a blogger. Complete the form and dont forget to fill your Paypal ID to transfers your earning. You must wait about 2 business days to giving Smorty’s administrator reviewing your blog then they will tell you that youve been approved by them or not.Once youve been approved, you can signin and review their advertisers website.& when you reviewing advertiser’s website please make sure that you have checked all the grammars in your words. you can use ms. office word to help you writing a good english grammar, then you must place an anchor links in your blog and the links can be followed by google search engine. This program is 100% to join.

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