Knowing one of the most powerful ways to persuade your potential customers to buy from you is essential to make money online and for long term profits. To make any money at all you first have to get your prospect to take that first step.
The vital first step could be for a prospect to request a free sample, get a free report, obtain a discount or BUY a product you are selling! So what is one of the most powerful ways to entice a visitor?
Yes…Customer Testimonials!
Customer testimonials are an incredibly powerful and if you are not using them then your profits will be suffering. The reasons that a testimonial (or even better if you can provide more than one) are so attractive to a potential customer is:
* It gives you and your website credibility
* It shows your product / service in a positive light
* It provides an unbiased opinion
* It gives your prospect added comfort
* It shows you are reliable
* It entices your potential customer to act!
Any words that are unbiased and give a true picture of the service or product you are offering, can give you amazing results. A simple positive appraisal can be something so amazing and indisputable they simply have to act!
A home based business, or any enterprise for that matter be it online or offline, should have testimonials in their marketing ‘toolbox’. You should display them with pride because they can make one hell of a difference to your bottom line and whether you make money online.
Also, do your competitors provide customer testimonials in their marketing materials? If they do provide testimonials you can include more and better ones that simply explode customer joy for your product! True, original and detailed customer testimonials can and will be one of your greatest selling tools online – I absolutely guarantee it.
* How Do You Get Customer Testimonials? *
The good news is that you can get them easily and very quickly. You can provide dozens of “verifiable” testimonials and have them ready to do your bidding and help to see your sales soaring.
To secure your testimonials all you need to do is ASK! I’m sure you must have seen hundreds of websites and marketing information from companies that seem to be covered in glowing unbiased reports, on how good their product was and how it made everything so much easier for their customers.
Here is what you should do as soon as someone buys:
# Follow up immediately with a BIG ‘thank you’ message
# 7 days later follow up with your ‘magic’ testimonial request asking for their valuable feedback
In your follow up email message (assuming you’ve over-delivered and your customer is happy) ask questions that will give you positive answers and a detailed response that is so important. Your email MUST contain your survey questions even if you already have a feedback section on your website.
Next, write down your perfect testimonial that states how great your product or service is, how quickly you received it, how well packaged it was, how it helped you do this or that so much better, how it changed your world! Go on…go crazy like someone would be daft not to buy your product because it’s so great. Then take each excerpt and transcribe it into a question, here’s an example:
“My XYZ arrived 24 hours earlier than I expected – fantastic!” Changes into:
Q. How quickly did you receive XYZ product and were you pleased?
“I thought your XYZ was tremendous value for money and easily worth the price” Changes into the question:
Q. Was value for money important in your decision and was your XYZ easily worth the price you paid?
You can see that if you word your survey correctly you can obtain absolutely amazing testimonials. A word of CAUTION…Never ever make up your own testimonials as it’s lying and you’ll only be kidding everyone around. Don’t do it, after all with this information you now have it’ll be easy to get your own legitimately.
Do yourself a favour and get your email survey put together as quickly as possible and follow up your customers every time. Your home based business will see a rise in profits and you will make money online or offline.

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