Blogs are the latest and greatest way to earn an income online. It’s so great because of the flexibility of a blog, you can write about whatever it is you like and be able to monetize in some way that makes you money. This means that no matter what your hobby is, whether it be basketball, or knitting, you can make a blog about it and be able to make a decent income online from it.

When you make money blogging, the idea is get the attention of a certain audience, this will be your “target” audience. Once you decide who your “target” audience is going to be then you can move on to deciding how your going to monetize (make money) from your blog.

There are many ways a person can choose to make money online from a blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing – place affiliate links related to your topics, so when someone clicks on a link and ends up making a purchase, you get paid commission on that sale.

2. PPC Networks – Sign up to a PPC network like Google AdSense, or BidVertiser, and display relevant ads on your site. Every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog, you will get paid for the click, no purchase is required.

3. Sponsors – Another way to monetize your site is with sponsors, you can rent ad space on your site, and get paid under a monthly basis by your advertisers.

4. Consulting – If your helping others out in your blog, then it’s not unusual that someone may need more help then others. In many cases you will receive an e-mail from a readers willing to pay you for one on one consulting.

When it comes to making money online, nothing can beat it in my opinion. The benefits of being home, spending time with the family, and surpassing your current income are way too attractive and actually can be achieved by putting the same effort one puts into their regular job.

Not only is there the four way I mentioned above to make money from a blog, but there are several other ways, with new ways being thought up by bloggers everyday.

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