Whatever methods you’re currently using to promote your business and get your message in front of prospects, if you’re not collecting the email addresses of your visitors you are leaving money on the table. To make money online you must make repeat sales to customers as they are the life-blood of any business with a profitable future.
Here are some of the best tried and tested methods to grow your opt in list:
#1 Create an Email Capture page
This is sometimes referred to as a ‘squeeze page’. The sole purpose is to have an attention grabbing headline that closely matches what your visitor is searching for. There are only two actions the prospect can take, they either sign up for your newsletter because you have ‘hooked’ them or they leave.
#2 Offer free software
If you can offer useful software directly related to your website theme, I have found it to be a very powerful formula to capture visitor details. Software has a high perceived value and will attract the attention of your visitor.
#3 Give away an e-Book or e-Report
An e-book can be filled with very good information that you just know will be of value to your visitor. Try and give the main benefits of the essential information contained in your offering. Make it sound that they’d be mad to pass up such a great deal – especially when it’s free.
#4 Offer a 7 Day e-Course
Studies have shown that it can take up to seven communications with a prospect before they invest in your product. To make money online send up to seven separate email messages to be delivered through your auto responder when they have signed up. Provide as high a quality e-course as you can. Don’t make the course much longer than seven emails as most people won’t read too many messages.
#5 Give a Discount or Bonus in Exchange for their Information
If you’re selling products or services directly from your site then offering a unique discount, available only from you, will grab the reader’s attention. Offer them instant access to your money off deal and put a time limit on when the offer ends to encourage immediate action.
#6 Ask Them!
Yes, a call to action is required before anyone will hand over their name and email address. Use a P.S at the end of your copy to reinforce your special offer and tell them to fill in their details “right now”. TO make money online you have to speak directly to your visitor and always give a compelling reason for them to join your newsletter.
#7 Use a Pop-Under or Exit Window
When someone leaves your page without buying or signing up for your newsletter, use a pop under window or exit window and make one more request for an order or for their opt -in details. It is a very powerful way to grab back a lost prospect and turn them into a customer. You give them an unmissable deal that they simply can’t turn down. Offer a ‘Try before you buy’ as this technique is very easy to set up on a website and extremely powerful.
Many businesses are now waking up to the importance of email marketing. It is an essential tool for data collection and providing customers with relevant information regarding your business offers. Generally speaking, opt-in lists are highly targeted lists that contain unique information including names and email addresses of interested prospects and customers that have given their persmission to receive your newsletter.
Customers are the lifeblood of your business and to make money online you need to wow them and make offers that you can deliver on…like they’ve never seen anywhere before.

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