Most of tour operators, particularly in Italy, chose to specialize in specific tourist market areas to fight against the more fiercer competition. For this reason are born tour operators specialized in niche fields, so named not because less important, but because of localized regions’ and areas’ study and presentation, of which they know every detail.

Usually tour operators taking this decision are small- and medium-sized and they haven’t power enough to compete against the national and international big tour operators that offer package holidays to far-off destinations. So the littler tour operators decide to study their area or a specific tourist typology trying to offer something different from the big groups: very painstaking holidays and a service for the guest founded on the reciprocal acquaintance and confidence.

An example of this kind is the Intras Agency, which has the base in two beaches of the Upper Adriatic Sea: Lignano and Jesolo. It is born as rental agency of summer villas, bungalows and apartments in Lignano and Jesolo and few years ago it joined the tour operator’s business for the two seaside resorts. In this case there’s a combination between a rental agency and a tour operator, a solution that can benefit both businesses: tour operator suggests package holidays to Lignano and Jesolo and offers the accommodation facilities rented by the agency as lodging. At the same time the rental agency gains knowledge of tour operator to tourists that rent single villas or apartments in Lignano and Jesolo.

This kind of amalgamation occurs often in the small and medium tourist companies that centre on the best presentation and offer of their area and facilities, just because of their size.

Main feature of these companies is the relationship with guests: at the same time professional and friendly to make them feel comfortable. Consequently the tour operators study with great care the specific target to understand the customer needs and to satisfy them. The entrepreneurs peculiarity is also the suggested offer’s typology: excellent knowledge of region, accommodation and recreational facilities, events, possible routes to interesting cities and towns and, of course, of the target. The offered package holidays are in this way exclusive items and they are studied in every particular, to give something more than the simple summer or winter holiday.

The experience in the tourist field plays a basic role in the offer of services to the guests in a resort. For example the Intras Agency avails itself of 25 years experience to present special holidays, also during the raining days. In fact the tour operators in the seaside resort have a problem more: the weather. If it’s raining tourists can’t go on the beach and if they haven’t options to spend the time, they become nervous because they loose a holiday’s day. The tour operator’s job is offer effective alternatives to remedy to this and other similar inconveniences. Therefore cities of artistic and historic interest, spa, gyms, shopping centres, indoor swimming pools to spend a various and amusing day.

Only tour operators that work from long time in the resort can suggest effective options inside the offered package holidays, allowing tourists to don’t stay all the raining day in the hotels or apartments of Lignano and Jesolo, but to enjoy new and exciting leisure.

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