You’re simply selling someone else’s product through your marketing efforts, whether it’s your blog or website, and you receive a sales commission when the sale is completed.
Most of these products are informational, either an ecourse, software, or ebook. Quite a few of the affiliate products pay more than a 50% commission. The smart product owners offer banners, buttons, sales copy, and even articles that you can use to promote with. Product owners realize that giving their affiliates the tools and support they need means more sales for them.
Clickbank is one of the most established programs. Commission Junction is another source. Both of these make the payments to the affiliates so you don’t have to worry whether the product owner will pay. Commission Junction has companies participating that offer just about everything. Most of the commissions are based on a product sale but you can also get paid if someone completes an application or requests additional information.
Many products offer their own affiliate program independently. Look for one with a solid history of payment. You don’t want to spend your time and effort selling a product and then not getting paid.
You can also become an affiliate of Amazon to sell books and consumer products such as jewelry, televisions, or other consumer products. The percentage commission is much lower, but sometimes the retail price is high enough to make up for it.
The fastest way to make money selling affiliate products is to think about the forums, lists and discussion groups you already belong to. What are the questions being asked? Is there a problem that people need a solution for? What are the hot topics?
Set up an affiliate account at clickbank. Go to their marketplace and search for products that will solve the problems, or are the answer to the questions being discussed.
Set up a blog or squidoo pages that relate to the affiliate programs.
Post an informative response and include a link to your blog/website where you offer the affiliate product. A softer sell is to post a review of the product on your blog and then post a response to the list/discussion forum stating that you’ve reviewed the product and they can find out more on your blog. You can also set up a squidoo page and refer people to your squidoo page.
Learn how to make money online with affiliate sales and your Internet business will be successful.

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