This is a step-by-step article / niche-marketing system that can be used to make money for a long time to come. You may not make much money right away but you will be building a group of sites that will give you a steady income stream down the line.When you hear or read about “niche marketing” or “niche websites”, they are probably talking about some variation similar to this system. Remember, this is a simplified version and not everyone does it the exact same way or sets it up to make money in the same fashion as outlined below.In order to make this system work you will need to accumulate a large collection of PLR (private label rights) ebooks that you will sell to the viewers of your many sites. You may also take advantage of the many forms of advertising (such as Adwords and affiliate products) to make additional money from each site. Lets begin!Step 1 – The first step is to find a niche – preferably one you are interested in so that you have some knowledge of the subject. This may be the hardest part and may take some time. For a great article on how to pick niches go here.Step 2 – It is now time to research the niche. Once I’m there I would type in the niche I have chosen. Lets say for this experiment it is “bowling”. The results will show a list of search terms related to “bowling”. The one I see there with some potential is “bowling tips”. It gets searched over 16,000 a month.Step 3 – Next I would want to check to see if a domain is available with those keywords. If you are able to register the keyword or words you are targeting as a domain name you will have a much better chance of getting a good ranking in Google and the other search engines. To check for domain names I would go to to see what is available. After entering the name “bowlingtips” I find that “bowlingtips dot net is not taken! That’s great – it looks like I can get a domain name for my search term that gets searched 16,000 times a month for under $9.00!Step 4 – My last research step is to type “bowling tips” into Google to see the competing results. If it is under 100,000 I am confident I will be able to get a great ranking with my domain name. Yes…as of this article date it was at 907. So, I’m very confident that “bowlingtips dot net” will get me a high Google ranking (with some work I might add).Step 5 – The next step is to register that domain name “bowlingtips dot net” with GoDaddy or any other company.Step 6 – Once you have your domain you can find a free WordPress template (there are tons of them all over the net) or use a free template from OSWD dot org.Step 7 – Now it is time to start creating content for your site. You can write 10 to 15 articles on bowling tips or you can hire someone to write them. It is your choice. Simply write the articles on all things to do with bowling and bowling tips. It is best to write each article around a different keyword. For instance, one article might be about bowling shirts, which gets nearly 400 searches a day. Another article might be on bowling balls or bowling alleys.

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