In many cases one person decided to leave their job and start a family business. The rest of the family is feeling alienated. They are either forced to ‘get on board.’ Or, they feel that the one family member is coping out, quitting, and leaving the rest of the family to suffer.
Many work at home business owners lament that their spouses and children tell them to stop playing on the computer, or ‘get a job.’ The perception that a work at home business is ‘not a real job’ has nothing to do with the amount of revenue earned, or the hours worked. I’ve consulted work at home business owners who made more ‘at home’ than they did before, but their families still asked when they were ‘going back to work.’
In this situation the rest of the family may decide that the stay at home person can take responsibility for the house, household chores, and children – as they are not doing anything else anyway.
This problem must be addressed with finesse. If handled properly the problem can be overcome and quickly managed. One way to overcome it is to deposit a set amount of money into the bank account every week. This does not need to reflect the real income of the business. If the family is happy to see $300 go into the bank account each week, they don’t need to know that the business made $5000 this month. The rest of the money can be reinvested into the business.
The chore problem can be harder to manage. One way is to hire lawn care, housekeeping, and laundry service. In most cases, the business owner can generate $30 a hour when they are working, and pay a service $20 an hour.
There is also the possibility of renting a space in an office outsourcing company. Many businesses are being established that lease a desk, or small office, to small business owners for $100 a month. A small business owner may not be earning more money as they leave the family each morning, but they are ‘going to work’ so the stress is off.
Another problem arises when the home based business tries to conduct business without an office. Children run in to tell the business owner what happened to them at school, the spouse comes in asking about dinner, someone yells for the business person to answer the phone. Very little work is completed in this environment.
Self esteem issues can also come into play. No one think anything if a person invests their life savings into a franchise, and take four years until their business starts earning a profit. But, when the home based worker goes month after month without earning money, people lose faith in them. A business person needs to create benchmarks to measure their successes.
There are resources for small business owners. Most communities have networking groups. The internet is full of online communities that are worth their nominal membership fee, if only to reveal that ‘everyone’ in a work at home business is facing the same problems.
New ideas are often hard to accept, especially for people who went to university and spent 10 years trying to do things ‘the right way.’ They can feel threatened when someone steps ‘out of the box’ and succeeds by following their dreams. It can be a hard fact to accept that their method is not the only method, or even the best method.
A Work at home venture is a real job. Work at home businesses are as viable as brick-and-mortar companies. And, never let anyone tell you different.

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