If You Can Write an Article-You Can Make Money Online

Practically everyone that has a website would like to make some money with it. But sadly, I hear stories everyday about how little money many people are making. I have people asking me every week how to make money with their articles. And some of these individuals have written hundreds of articles. If you can write an article, you have the ability to make money online. And plenty of it.

I spend a lot of time doing research in various forums. On a regular basis, I see postings from people who are looking for authors to write articles for them. If you can write a quality article and want to make a few dollars, spend some time in forums. Develop a nice signature file that advertises the fact that you write articles professionally. Mention your quick turn-around time and you are bound to get more business than you can handle.

You won’t get rich using this technique, but it is an easy way to make 20-50 dollars per day. Granted, you can’t live on that kind of money, but many people just want to make an additional 500-1000 dollars per month. By writing articles for others you can easily make that kind of money.

As an alternative to spending time in forums, you can register as a ghostwriter with one of the many service providers. The two best-known companies in the field are Elance and Guru. However, you can find many others by doing a search for ghostwriters. As a service provider for one of these large companies, you can bid on any type of writing assignment that you choose. If you like, you can specialize in articles. If you are more ambitious, you can write ebooks for others. In either case, the company you are affiliated with will take a portion of your earnings.

Another method to produce revenue is to write your own ebook. This is not as daunting a project as you may think. Break up your ebook into small chunks and work on it every day. Before you know it, you will have a completed product ready for sale. The best thing about having your own ebook is you get to keep 100% of the money it earns. In addition, you can start your own affiliate program and make money every time someone else sells your ebook.

Writing your own ebook is the most profitable way to monetize your writing ability. However, if you are just looking to make some extra money for the holidays, you have plenty of other options.

Do you want to learn more about how I make money? I have just completed my brand new guide on how to develop your own ebook and start your own affiliate program.

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