Starting a new ebusiness can bring many challenges.  One of the first critical areas is deciding on a Niche Market that will help build a prosperous business. 

This can be a daunting task given the huge marketplace out there. It is not just about whatâ??s hot in the market right now.  If you try to go up against the giant suppliers that simply wonâ??t work. 

A great way to start is simply begin to â??Think Like a Customerâ??.  Start by writing down everything about yourself – your likes, dislikes, interested, hobbies, experiences and challenges.  Then begin to narrow your thinking to a need that you currently have or once had.  Identify how that need was met or how you would like that need to be met.   

We all, from time to time, have had unique needs and wants. You are the customer and so in thinking like a customer you can identify what it is that you are passionate about.   

Your next step is to focus in on those narrowly defined areas and ask yourself, â??Do I have a unique knowledge of one of these areasâ??  â??Could I bring that knowledge to the marketplace as someone with expertise?â?Â Â Â 

What else could give you the confidence to launch an ebusiness more than being an expert in a particular area?  Thatâ??s really what you are after!  Building a successful ebusiness that is focused on a part of the market where you can bring knowledge or expertise. That confidence in your product will help you sustain your commitment, and drive.   

When you find a product offering that you can launch with confidence, you are much further ahead and better equipped for success.

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