The internet as a business platform is increasingly becoming competitive by the day. Quite many people are beeing drawn to the whole online business thing, regardless of this the avenues for making money are still many and are also increasing by the day. To be able to profit selling anything from the internet you will need a niche.

First of all whats a niche? According to Wiki a niche is a focused targetable portion (subset) of a market. You migh ask why promote your product to a target portion of a market while you can promote your product to the whole market. Let me put this straight, You need to undersnatd the internet consumer demographics, First and foremost many of the people who surf the internet are there to seek for information, and almost 60% of all internet users are not there to buy, they may be browsing while chatting or doing god knows what, and if you happen to be targeting these guys you are in for a rude awakening, you will make great losses, so there is a reason as to why its stated A TARGETABLE PORTION OF A MARKET,( A SUBSET) Not everyone wants to buywhat you are offering.

Find the people who want to buy what you are offering, these are the people you should be looking for, people who mean business, people that will be of great advantage to you and your business in general. So how can you get hold of them:learn more.

Its through research that you can know who wants your product and what really makes these people tick. Basically research helps you find your niche and more impornatly helps you get to know your customer better. On the internet you don’t convince people to buy what you are offering, you just have to come out and spell it out in front of their face what the product can do for them, and how it can change their lives for the better. Being able to understand this gives you perfect contol over your market and gives you an edge over your competitors,

How can you find a niche? Niches are basically everywhere, from the newspapers you read, magazines, search engines and many more e-commerec related websites such as ebay pulse, M.S.N and Amazon bestseller.these toools are easy to get hold of their are FREE, all you need to do is just follow instructions careully. Follow the link bellow and get hold of a FREE niche finding with a combined and detailed report on how to use the tools i have just mentioned above to get hold of great market niches, plus you can also learn more on how to take your niche marketing research to the next level.

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