by Brian Perdue
Recession is affecting everyone but recession is especially affecting employers who are trying to cut costs. Employers who are trying to cut costs and maximize profits are finding it hard to find people to work for them for reasonable rates hence many employers are turning to outsourcing of departments.

Opting for freelance writing is one of the most common step taken by many employers in order to help their business succeed since freelance writing enables employers to not only save on space but also money. Free lance writers work from different locations around the world and large amounts of money can be saved on office space.

Free lance writers charge a fraction of the amount an in house writer would charge since the writers who opt for free lance writing are often located in countries where the cost of living is much lower than countries like USA. Contrary to the popular belief, it is actually possible to find good free lance writers from all over the world to work for a reasonable rate and most of these writers submit good quality work in a short span of time.

In order to access the quality of work submitted through the method of free lance writing, employers can ask for sample articles before the project begins and this method of judging candidates helps the employer select a suitable candidate for the job. Free lance writing allows employers to stay in touch with the writers through communication methods such as hiring websites and these hiring websites ensure that employers get value for their money.

The way you know you’ve got the best freelance writer is if they have samples of their writing on their website for you to view. A great writer loves to show off their work. Also look at the price of their work, if they are wanting $50 for an article then the article best bring in not just traffic but sales! Most freelance writers average price for an article of 600 words is between $4-$10 an article. In my opinion $10 is too much! I found a great team of US Writers that write high quality articles for $3.75 an article. Plus their articles brings me sales and lots of traffic! If you search hard enough you’ll hook up with that special team that will give you high quality articles at affordable prices! If you want to check out the one I found visit

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