Private label rights products are very popular these days. If you use the correctly you can make a lot of money online. Here are 3 ways you can use PLR product to make money.

Build your list – You can use PLR products to build a huge mailing list by simply giving the product away in exchange for a name and valid email address. You should go in and add your own affiliate links to the product so you can make money on the backend. Once you have people on your list you can market to them over and over again. Having a list makes it a lot easier to make money online because you already have an audience that is interested in what you have to say. When you want to get the word about a product, you can send an email to your list instead of having to write a ton of articles.

Sell the PLR product as is – You can get a PLR product and turn right around and sell if for a profit. If you choose to do it this way you will only make money on the frontend. This is a great way if you are in a rush to get a product out and not really concerned with backend sales.

Rework the product and sell it as an original product – This is probably the best way to use PLR products to make money. If you go in and make changes to it that means you can add your own affiliate links and products to the product. This way you not only make money on the frontend but also on the backend sales.

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