It’s said that to target your profitable affiliate niche market is the fundamental thing to do for success in affiliate marketing.

The reason why some markets stay underprovided is that there is no money to make in that market. The most important things you need to do right away before you start any affiliate marketing is:

Find Your Affiliate Niche Market:

What topics are you interested in? Break down your categories of interest into sub-categories. This will help you find your sub-niche within a niche.

For example:Skin Care = Rapid Natural Acne Cure

Most new affiliate marketers get hung up on too broad of categories like: Make Money Online. With a broad category, you need to analyze it down to that niche markets sub-categories.

Once you have come up with some sub-categories, your best bet is to go to ClickBank Marketplace and see if you can find them there. Only look at the top 6-10 Products.

You can also check some related terms by searching or Also visit some discussion forums. Look for the questions people are asking, or what problems they are looking for answers to.


Determine Your Market’s Potential Profits:

In ClickBank Marketplace you can scan the existing affiliate products of your targeted niche. Check the sales letters to see if it is converting well. Find out if you can market the product of your niche. Converting well means that the affiliate product is in demand. If so, it indicates that your niche market is profitable.

You could also go to your local bookstore. Look if your niche has it’s own magazine. That would be a good sign that your market is a money-spending one. And again it would indicate that you have found a profitable niche market.

Advertisers support all Magazines. That means the readers have to generate sales for the advertisers, so they stay interested in advertising in that particular magazine.

Try to find some more issues of the magazine in question to see if there are ads that appear from month to month. Those ads will indicate profitability for the product of that advertiser. Your local library is a good place to check it out.

Now that you have identified your niche market and know that it has a potential profitability, you have found your profitable affiliate niche market.

Your next step would be to set up your affiliate squeeze page. Look for articles on that subject.


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