To begin with, you need to understand that it is going to be rather difficult to take your niche market to Google page one unless you are a well established website owner with a huge marketing budget. But still it is possible. In order to make it be easier for you to understand, here’s an example; if you choose niche “cat food” this will be extremely difficult but, if you try “diabetic pet food for cats” things will become much easier and you will definitely get the greater possibility that your site will draw the attention of the search engine bots.
As a matter of fact, this will help you to achieve your goal – to get on page one for that search term, and bring the attendant traffic that will follow from this good position. So, as you have understood this narrower term, it would be your niche.
In order to identify your websites niche and find the one that will bring the appropriate kind of traffic that will help you to be successful, you need to take the following steps:
Step #1 – Researching
You should use Google’s AdWords keyword tool and type in your general market term, for example such as cat food. As a result you will see that this will produce a list of a lot of key words associated with cat food. In addition you will get the number of times each key word has been searched for in the past month. You should choose terms of 3 to 4 words in them, and a search volume of at least 1000 per month, then create a list.
Step #2 – Competition Assessing
It means that you should take your list and type every term into the Google search box, put the phrase in quotes, for example “diabetic cat food”, and take a note of how many results are found. To go into more details, you will get the number at the top of the search results page, for instance, Results 1 – 10 of about 8,190 for “diabetic cat food”.
Simply speaking, that is the actual result for that term at the time of this writing. You need also to keep in mind, that you should choose anything under 30,000 because in this case you will have a really good chance to get on that first page of results. After this you should make a note of your best results, most search volume for lowest competition. Finally, you can choose your niche.
Step #3 – Finding Products to Sell
If the case is that you don’t have a product for your site, you may opt for the other great opportunity – joining the affiliate program. It goes without saying, visiting Google is the easiest way to find a proper affiliate program for your niche. The only thing you will have to do is to type in “niche phrase plus affiliate program” and you will get the results.
It should be also mentioned that if the case is that you don’t find any suitable products, you can also try serving contextual ads on your site for your keyword, for example, using Google AdSense.
And now that you have the most potentially profitable keyword for your list it is the time to get your web site.
Step #4 – Domain Registering
So, now you need a domain name for your website. As a matter of fact your name should include the phrase you have chosen (in our example this should be “”).
Keeping in mind it will be rather easy for you to take your niche market to Google page one and succeed in you online venture! Good luck!

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