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Give me a chance i would like to share with you one of my best ways that i use to generate thousands of profitable niche markets with little or no effort, and for your information i don’t use any paid software, i use whats available for me FREE of charge i believe its there for you too.

Today i am going to reveal to you some simple strategies that you can use and repeat and in no time you will be a master i niche keyword research.

Niche keyword research is easy. Keyword research is critical to the proces of SEO, without this component your efforts to rank well on major search engines can be misdirected to the wrong terms and phrases. You need to understand the keyword research phases.

There is Brainstorming: Get to know what your customers want, what are they ikely to type on the search engines in an attempt to find the information/services your site offers.

Surveying customers; Getting a survey and seeing what past and present customers are saying can be a great way to expand your niche keyword research.

Keyword resarch tools:Tools like Google keyword tools and Wordtracker can give you the best information about the number of times the users perform specific searches, such information can be of great advantage for you.

There aremany other more phases but these are the most important right now. So whats a niche: A niche is a target market, with the simple steps above i will show you how you can arrive at a target market very easily.

People search for different things on the internet, and they type in different terms, your focus is to get people who are looking to buy, people who are looking to buy are more specific in their searches example A person searching for “ipod nano” is very general and its very likely that they are just looking for information, but someone who types in “ipod nano 3rd generation” is actually more specific and is likely to buy, such a  search term is more targeted. Thats what we call a niche.

Below is a simple niche keyword research that i just did using word tracker

Mens suit  (27,000 searches)

Armani mens suits(723 search count)

Italian mens suits(615 search count)

Jones newyork mens suits(424 search count)

Mens cistom made suits (126 search count)

Thats just to give you a rough idea on how to get involved, i believe if you dig down you migh find even better and more targeted niche keywords. eg Armani mens suits—> Digg further i come up with “Armani custom made mens suits” more targeted Amazing.

Hop[e you get the picure, perharps you would like to know about my latest yet to be released king of niche marketing research. Click here to learn more plus get your FREE niche marketing report now.

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