So is it really possible to make money online “without” a college degree? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to make money online by working from home? Have you ever wondered how good of an income is possible when you do it online?
How does a seven figure income sound? Are you now wondering how people “make money online?”
Statistics show that there are approximately 6.6 billion people in the world. Every nation on Earth has internet access including developing countries. Yes, there really are people in countries with unsafe drinking water who see the same web as people in industrialized nations.
In America, 75% of the population has regular access to the internet. Even if only half the world has access to the internet, 3.3 million potential customers are enough for anyone. The world market is big enough to share.
There are a variety of ways to make money online. All you need is a little creativity, a computer with internet access, desire and most importantly, guidance. When most people try to do this, they boot up their computers, pull up a web browser and get the virtual equivalent of writer’s block.
It seems a little crazy, doesn’t it? There is no ticket taker at your log in page asking for money. You know your ISP isn’t sharing part of your monthly payment with John Doe Business Owner. With a few exceptions, you are not asked to fork over a credit card number when you visit a website. How can people do this when nearly everything seems free?
Once you start to make money online from the comfort of your own home, you will not want to stop. Once you get a taste of the freedom of being your own boss, you will never go back to making someone else richer.
Believe it or not, most internet millionaires did not recieve any kind of special certificate, special training or any kind of degree whatsoever for making a lot of money online. All they did was followed a system. A proven system. I am pretty sure that you have heard the old saying,”systems don’t fail, people do.” This is one of the most basic fundamental principles to follow if you would like to make a lot of money online.
Can anyone really make a million a year income online? The answer is yes!
You see, when it comes to the internet, there is literally an endless supply income profit potential. Here is a big piece of advice that someone once told me when I was a “newbie” to the internet world, “never let anyone tell you that you need a degree to make money online”. There are more and more studies of kids (that’s right, kids) such as 15-17 years old raking in thousands a week! The internet is now a powerful medium in making millions online.
Now, don’t get me wrong, it used to be that you needed a college degree to make any sort of decent amount of income on the net but not anymore. The reason behind this is that individuals are becoming equipped with all types of tools, software and resources on the internet that they are exposed to. The biggest thing that would stop an ordinary person from making the income an extraordinary person makes online has “nothing” to do with a degree.
Want to know what it has to do with? You ready? Come in a little closer and I’ll whisper it to you, targeted traffic. You need a LOT of it. If you concentrate on building your “targeted traffic”, you are well on your way to making a million a year without a college degree.

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