How to make money online with PTC sites 

How to make money online is a search phrase that thousands of people type into their search engine each day, and if you are anything like me, then you’ve read a whole lot of different ways how to make money online.

How do you make money online then? There are a few ways to make money straight away, but the way I’m going to explain here is PTC.(Paid to click) 

You may or may not have heard of PTC, or even read articles about how people make money online using it. The truth is you’re not going to make a small fortune with it unless 1. You sign up to every PTC site and click every ad or 2. Refer every single person you possibly can to sign up to the sites you’re registered with, and click the ads. The second option being the better one, unless you have got time to click ads all day!. 

What is PTC? 

PTC sites have got paid advertisements on them that pay you $0.01c for you to view them for 30 seconds. You can only view one ad at a time, and you must wait for the counter to count down 30 seconds before your PTC account gets credited. 

If you refer someone, anyone as long as it’s not the same computer as yours, and then your account gets credited $0.01c for every ad they click on as well. So the more sites you join, and the more people you refer, the more money you make. 

How to make money online with PTC : 

1.       Firstly if you haven’t started an Alertpay or PayPal account then sign up for one of those, I prefer AlertPay as not every site uses PayPal.   

2.       Sign up to a PTC site. I would start with 5-10 different PTC sites, depending on how much time you have to click on the ads. There are usually 5-13 different ads to click on each different site, with 30 seconds per ad, it does add up. 

3.       Click on all the ads that are available. Remember you can only click on 1 PTC ad at a time, or you won’t get credited to your account. It’s good to read through some of the ads for future marketing tips. 

4.       Refer people to the PTC sites that you have joined. You can do this many ways, start a blog, write articles, send emails to friends, use comments on different blogs and sites, word of mouth! Where ever you think people may want to do this as well, give it a go. Start small and grow and grow and grow. This is how you make money online with PTC, refer refer refer. 

Here is a PTC site that I recommend to start with, find more at my blog: 

That’s how you make money online with PTC sites. Good luck , and remember the more people you refer, the more money you get credited to you account.


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