Yes, you can make money online. Just as money is made offline, money is also made online. There are varieties of ways to make money online, some of them are: through forex trading, affiliate programs, creation of software, creation of an ebook and setting up of an online store. Out of these ways to make money online, I am going to write about how to make money doing affiliate programs, the other ways to make money online will come up in my subsequent articles.

Firstly, I will start by defining what an affiliate program is all about. Affiliate program is a method of promoting the products of individuals or companies through advertising in return for some percentage of all sales generated by you. In affiliate programs, if you don’t make a sale, you won’t get any share, that’s it. Let’s take for instance, if am selling an ebook online for $50. I will create an affiliate program; put a link to it on my website for any interested persons to sign up. Let’s say I am offering $30 for anyone that makes someone to buy my ebook. Now, if anyone is interested, he will sign up for my affiliate program. After an interested person has signed up, he would be provided with a unique link which is going to be used to track his id whenever he generates a customer that converts into a sale. Understood? Just like any other ways of doing business have methods, they are ways to promote affiliate programs in order to make sales for your publisher and yourself. Some sets of people make over 8 figures monthly by promoting affiliate program products, and again, some sets of people make $0 monthly by promoting affiliate program. You see; people that make money and people that don’t make money are online, just as offline. The reason why these guys make 8 figures monthly is because they have a range of marketing methods that work well for them and as for those that doesn’t make any money online, though they have their own range of marketing methods but it doesn’t work for them. The reason may be because they don’t do it well. I have been working with affiliate programs for years now and since then I have made thousands of dollars. Let me say, I belong to those sets of people that make money online.

My aim of writing this article is to help you succeed, whether you are a beginner or you’ve been trying to make money online and still you’ve not been able to make any.

Why you may not be making sales

1. Incorrect affiliate link: check you affiliate link to see that it matches with the one that was assigned to you. When you use incorrect affiliate link, the chances that you would make a sale is zero. Crosscheck very well to see that everything is fine.

2. Marketing: The mistake some people make while marketing is that; they advertise in an untargeted way. Target your product to match what your audience is looking for. You can’t market doughnut to someone looking for bottle water. Though, there is a chance that he may patronize what you are marketing, but the chances are very rare.

3. Try various marketing methods: if a particular method doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that other types won’t work. Experiment all kinds of marketing to see the one that suits your kind of product the best. The little you market the less you earn but the more you market the more you earn. That’s just it, there is no limit to the amount of money you are likely to earn.

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