I do not want to build up false hopes using hype. I am not here to sell you anything. So although the headline does sound a bit hypey (as if you’ve never heard something like this before), it is true that you can really make money online from your home office without spending a single dollar. This is not a pitch so you can safely let your guard down and absorb the information with an open mind. You can start this business while continuing your day job and when you’re confident of yourself, you can do it full time. Before I begin, I would like to make a few clarifications:
1. I am assuming that since you are reading this article, you already have a computer and an internet connection. But if you’re reading from a café and don’t own a PC, I apologize if you felt misled from the headline.
2. Your income will grow steadily, and will be a bit limiting as we will not be spending any money. You can think of investing in domains, hosting and other things once you start earning and are more confident of making profits (surpassing your costs).
3. Time and effort are two investments you certainly need to make. You also need to learn a lot of things, use your brain, etc. Work is involved so if you’re not prepared to work, this is not for you.
Having got that out of the way, let’s begin! We will first start with finding out what information is in demand (and also what information people pay for). Visit clickbank.com, go through their FAQs and then signup. There are no charges to become an affiliate. You only need to pay a one time charge of about $50 if you want to use them to sell your own products. This can be thought of later once you make sufficient dollars. Next, click on marketplace, and then click on one of the categories that you have a fair amount of knowledge (and are also passionate about). You can see the products listed in that category. You can even search through that category for keywords that you’re interested in. Make a note of some of the products that you would like to promote, create your hoplinks and store them in a text file.
Your next job is to setup a website. Since we don’t plan to spend anything now, you can visit blogspot or any other free blog hosting service and create an account. Then you begin writing and filling up pages for your blog. Write in your own words, don’t copy paste anything. Search engines love unique content and will rank you higher when the content is unique. As you’re writing, keep in mind the keywords for the websites you saw through clickbank. You can link these keywords to these sites using your affiliate link. So every time someone visits your blog, clicks on one of your affiliate links and ends up buying the product, you earn a commission!
Once you have written at least 10 pages, it’s time to take a break and get some traffic to your blog and make some $. There are several ways that you can do this for free, which I’ve mentioned in some of my other articles. You can create member pages at myspace, orkut, facebook and other social networking websites. Write a bit about you with links going to your blog. Then join relevant communities within these sites and make a few helpful replies to posts with a link to your blog in the signature. You should also visit other dedicated discussion forums in your market, following the same signature stuff. Continue doing this religiously until you make your first sale. Don’t ever spam people or networks, it will give a bad impression and it could also result in your blog getting permanently suspended. You should also using social bookmarking to have your websites ranked higher in search engines. Once you start making a few sales, you will be more encouraged to get more traffic to your website. Any why not? After all, who doesn’t like to earn commissions with minimum effort? Sometimes some merchants offer extremely high commissions, the highest being 75% at clickbank (they don’t allow more than that to their merchants). Don’t just run after money – try to promote products that seem to give more value and sound more reliable, even if the commission is less. It’s better to make a few sales with less commission than no sales at all. You can even approach the author for a free sample – you will be surprised at how many of them say yes if they see how serious you are!
You should also build a list by having an optin form on your blog. You can then build up rapo with them and send them offers. This is explained in more detail in one of my other articles. You also need to learn some HTML skills side by side. Once you get a little bored of doing the same work, stark writing again and add more pages to your blog. Once you have reached at least 25 pages, I would suggest you to sign up as a publisher for google adsense. This allows you to put some code on your pages which will automatically produce relevant ads on your site. These ads are from folks who pay for clicks at google adwords. If you have started getting good traffic to your website, some of them will also click on these ads and the revenue generated by google will be shared with you. This is called PPC (pay per click) and it is great because you get paid even if the folks who click on the ad don’t purchase at all! Be careful, however; don’t ever click on the ads yourself to make a fast buck. Google is very smart and will catch you. This can result in permanent suspension of your adsense account, forfeiting of all payments payable to you, and getting permanently barred from joining again. Please read their FAQs and TOS before you signup.
If you follow all this, you income will rise steadily. What do you do next? Simple – wash, rinse and repeat! Promote more products from other categories of clickbank, put more pages on your blog, get more traffic, and create more streams of residual income! You can also think of selling digital products that come with resell rights, which I will explain in another article. Don’t forget to read my articles at http://www.bharatbhasha.com/author.php/Nirjara%20Rustom

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