Internet spending is an all time high and set to break new records every year. With the advent of new markets and new opportunities today is the best time to make money online at home with affiliate programs. It’s a fun job with no risks involved and you get to see fast results. All you have to do is to refer internet visitors to merchant web sites. In order to do this, you get free training, free web sites, SEO, professional sales copies and a creative department working for you 24/7!

Of course, you also need a few tips on the dos and don’ts of what makes a successful marketer. There are a few things that can help your business grow and also help you make the most of today’s Internet spending craze. The most important thing of all is to know who your customers are. It may seem like a silly idea – you certainly want everybody to be your customer, but this won’t happen too soon. You need to pick a viable niche in terms of both numbers and buying power.

Once you’ve found this niche you have to understand your customers. Are they emotional buyers, analytical buyers, “what’s-in-it-for me” buyers or fact freaks? There are many types of customers in your niche and although sometimes the products you market can help you shape your business, this is not always the case and you should not rely on other people to give you hints.

Examples of customers would include:

- Emotional Buyers: first-time mothers looking for safety items for their babies.

- Analytical Buyers: people who need to know every detail of the product they intend to buy, like where it was manufactured, by what company, what kind of materials and technology it incorporates, etc. If you fail to provide the details they need, they will go look for someone who can do that.

- What’s-in-it-for-me Buyers: the bargain hunters. They want to know what your product can do for them and you have to tell them all the facts as soon as they lay eyes on your web pages. They don’t need anything extra, all they want is to be sure they are getting the best value for their money and, if possible, a discount.

- Fact Freaks: Obsessed with being sure your products are as good as you claim they are. You will need hard evidence to support every claim you make. Reviews by well known independent web sites are great and so are testimonials and independent tests with the results published in important magazines and newspapers.

The good affiliate programs will provide you with almost everything you could wish for. You’ll have your free web site(s) personalized for you. You’ll have access to tons of articles to use on the web sites. If you need an SEO expert, you’ll get one in the blink of an eye. And although it’s hard to believe, affiliate programs do offer a totally “no risk – fast results” opportunity to make money online working from home.

But nobody will do the job for you. And your only job is to know and understand your customers. This is the only important thing when it comes to marketing, be it online or offline.

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