The thought of making money online is appealing to many, mainly because of the benefits it offers. Two key incentives are motivational factors here: The money making potential of the internet as well as the personal freedom that comes with working without a fixed schedule or under a less than supportive boss. Indeed, why make £6 an hour working in retail a counter when you can easily earn the same amount by spending 10 minutes to write an article on your blog? Even if you’re not looking to work full-time at home, the internet offers a viable source of money which can help to supplement your regular income.

Different Ways to Make Money Online

A basic Google search will expose many ways to make money online and most of the websites listed in the search results pages all seem to focus on similar methods of making money. Over the next few articles I will list and discuss profitable strategies to make money via the internet. As time progresses more methods and examples of how to make money online will be added to this list, which can be considered as a work in progress.

1. Set up a Website or Blog for Profit

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to create a website or blog which allows you to earn money from the display of advertisements such as Google AdSense or via the sale of products and services.

There are many various types of money making blogs, which will assist you to make money and you’ll need to pick a system that suits your interests, schedule and skill levels. A simple no frills blog will allow you to easily pull in at least several hundred dollars in a month through the use of paid blogging websites alone.

I am now going to cover in more detail how to successfully set up a profitable blog in four key steps.

Step one

Select a topic for your blog. I would advise you to choose something you are passionate about because you’ll be able to discuss it at length and not get bored of it. Also make sure that your topic is interesting to other people too. Use your keyword tool of choice such as Google’s external keyword and input your site’s topic to see the monthly search volume. If it is fewer than 10,000 searches per month, you might want to reconsider the topic. There is also an option to show advertiser competition. If it is high, there is money to be made, a very good sign.

Step two

Set up your blog. is great for beginners I would highly recommend. Once the blog is set up choose an effective theme for your topic.

Step three

Populate your blog with content. If you selected a topic that reflects your passion, this will be easy. If you selected a topic that will make you money and you don’t know much about your subject, search article directories such as Ezine and Goarticles for articles covering your topic. Most will allow you to republish their content as long as you keep the original author’s links intact. Ensure that the blog is informative and concise. People generally want to digest 250-500 words at a time.

Step four

Arrange for adverts to be displayed on your blog, Google AdSense is a great way to make money, you receive a payment every time a person clicks on one of these adverts, which are displayed on your blog. The more traffic you drive to your blog the more people that click through onto the Google adverts.

Please keep an eye open for the next part of this series, which will be covering Affiliate Marketing one of the most profitable Internet strategies.

James Curtis BSc writes on how to make money online and advises on some of the current online scams. If you are having difficulty making money online you can learn more by visiting my blog: How to make money online:

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