Discovering your Perfect Niche Market starts with YOU.  It comes from your passions, skills and abilities.  It comes from who you are and what you can bring to the marketplace.  

Finding a Perfect Niche Market does not start by searching for what’s hot on eBay or reading the newspaper to see what consumers are currently shopping for.  I challenge you to think differently.  

Discovering your Perfect Niche Market starts with YOU.  It comes from your passions, skills and abilities.  It comes from who you are and what you can bring to the marketplace 

It has often been said that you must be unique to be noticed.  As an example there are a number of fast food chains selling hamburgers in the marketplace.  Do you wonder how they all survive? They are successful because each one is different from the others. They sell basically the same type of product but yet cater to a different segment of the market. 

For instance, one chain features special meals for children, while another focuses on attracting the adults giving them their preferences. It’s all about the experience for the targeted consumer.  You need to be perceived as different and offer something unique from your competitors. 

So how do YOU fit into all this?  How can you identify YOUR Perfect Niche Market and build a profitable eBusiness? 

We are all unique and have a background of unique experiences.  We have different interests and desires.  We have different needs, like and dislikes.  It is the understanding of all these parts that can help you identify and pull together a Niche product that works for you.  

Consider this exercise: 

1)         What is your passion?  What do you really enjoy doing? Think of something in which you have a level of expertise.  Something that would keep your interest and enthusiasm. 

2)         Next, narrow this idea down to a focused product.  A product that you could bring to the market with a level of confidence based on your expertise in knowing this Niche area. 

3)         Finally, identify the target customer who has a specific need or want for this focused product.  

In summary, to find your Perfect Niche Market, start with your passions, and from that identify a product focus.  This narrowly-focus product, coupled with you level of expertise, brings value to a segment of the market and builds a strong, loyal customer base.    

Why do you need to have a Perfect Niche Market that fits you? 

Simply put, because so many new business entrepreneurs fail.  They rush into ebusiness ventures unprepared and without a plan.  They pay out money on whatever seems to be the latest and greatest opportunity only to find that without a focused Niche it’s a recipe for failure.  

Every new business requires some level of planning.  It requires that you understand your goals and how you are going to get there.  A successful entrepreneur knows his business inside and out.  They know what they are selling, who they are selling to and how they are going to make a profit.  They have a plan and execute it. 

The importance of having a Perfect Niche Market that works for you can mean the difference between running in circles and building a profitable ebusiness.  To sustain the ups and downs of the market your best opportunity for success is based on your ability to bring a unique valuable focused product to a segment not currently well serviced.   

Once you have identified your Perfect Niche Market you can begin to establish your business by building reputation and loyal customers.

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