The first rule of being a successful affiliate marketer is to pick a profitable niche market to spend time and effort in promoting. If you neglect this important step, you will not make any money using article marketing. From this base you will start to build a large selection of articles, all from a giant list of low competition keywords, to reach a more general audience within your chosen niche. Each keyword will represent one article. Writing your articles this way, you will be targeting a specific audience, but you will find a carry over within the niche to other people using other keywords. In addition, on your site, you will have multiple webpages, each targeting specific angles on your niche, to attract the attention of those looking into your niche subject for their answers. They will be interested in many of your pages, and be satisfied with what they find. This will translate into repeat visits, which will turn into higher chances of converting visitors into buying customers. You can find keywords for your niche market the hard way, or you can do it the easy way. The easy way being by using a keyword software program, where you type in a broad keyword term, usually a single word like “dieting”, and the software will dig in and locate many keyword variations on that single word that people are using to find your niche market. Along with the words in the list, the software will show you how many searches are being made for each word or phrase, and the better keyword software terms will even go so far as to tell you how much competition is already playing the game you want to get into. This data — keywords, number of searches, and number of competing sites — will give you enough information to decide where your time and effort will be best spent. You want keywords and niche markets where there are numerous searches but not enough sites competing for those terms. This is what is meant as low competition keyword terms. Sure, individually you will not get much traffic, but the traffic you do get will be highly targeted, which is the best kind of traffic. The more words you find that are low competition keywords, the more highly targeted traffic you will have. That increases your chances of getting sales, and that is the real name of the game. A big benefit of using low-competition keyword phrases is that you can easily find yourself in the top ranks of the searches for that keyword phrase very quickly, by writing articles optimized with your newly found low competition keyword phrases. If you find several niche topics that meet your interest, then you should focus on no more than three to begin with, and go with the easiest ones first. Build your site or blog around those three sets, write your articles around them, then after you build up your income from these sets, you can start on the next set, with another site or blog, and repeat this process. By developing the skill of identifying profitable keyword phrases with optimized article writing, you will find it getting easier and easier to profit from low competition keywords and niche marketing. To learn more about how you can find success in internet marketing please visit

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