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How to earn some extra income with ebay?

So I used to sell cellphones on ebay and made some money, but then the market for the phone I was selling died. I want to find a niche I have some good capital to start off with. But where should I be focused on buying my products? online, locally, or what? I’m really for selling anything as long as it brings me profit. So if you can point me in the right direction for finding good profitable products, I’d appreciate it!

If I knew exactly where to go, I probably would not be on Y/A. I can tell you what I am looking for but is a pain to find.

I have been looking for a legitimate distribution house that will drop ship items on my behalf. You can do a Google search but all you really find are what I call a ‘middle man’ operation that has the connections to the real distributors. These middle man shops buy at low prices and then resell them to you at an increased profit leaving you with the ability to only get as much as 10% or less, SMC is an example.

Most of the middle man operations charge you a monthly fee and have different levels which you can join for an additional charge each month. If you go that route, you can list the item on Ebay, order it through the middle man and he orders from the distributor and the distributor ships the product out to your customer.

There are distributors out there that will take small businesses, you will probably have to get a tax permit from your state, (in CA it is the State Board of Equalization) so that any items sold to customers in your state you will have to collect taxes and send them into the state taxing authority.

I have not been looking for very long and have not found what I have been looking for.

How To Find A *Profitable Niche* In ClickBank?

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