how to find a niche market
What is a good way to find a niche market and create a digital product for that market?

I want to create an e-book or software product that people will want to buy so I’m looking for idea’s and niche’s that might be profitable. Can anyone supply me with an idea or how to find a good idea,etc.

Hi Gary

First, I like Adam’s response and would encourage you to check out more of what he was talking about.

Second, there are so many niche markets out there that the question really isn’t how do you find a “niche market” but rather how does it find you. What are your interests? Your likes? Your dislikes? Decide upon that and then “niche down”.

“Niching down” means that if you decide that APPLES will be your niche quickly realize that that term is far to generic and “niche down” to something like “Washington State red delicious apples”. Now you know exactly who your target market is and it becomes much easier to reach that exact audience. The more you “niche down” the truer this is.

Here is an audio file I own and normally charge others for that talks about this topic even more.
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Find a “niche” Market

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