how to find a niche
How can I find my niche in my own business?

I want to start an online business.How can I find my niche & on a shoestring budget? I want to sell childrens items.How do I get started?

A ‘niche’ is a segment of a larger group. For example, you want to sell clothes for children. Children makes up a very large market – toddlers is a niche. Pre-teens, is a niche. Preschoolers is a niche. All are part of the ‘children’ market.

Your best bet is to look at online stores selling the kinds of clothing you are considering and selling to whichever niche you have decided to target. Start with Ebay, but don’t limit your search there – use any search engine and type in ‘children’s clothing’ and you’ll have hundreds of stores specializing in children’s clothes, from a few selling only to toddlers, others selling only school clothes, etc.

How to Find Niche Ideas

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