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As you know making money on the internet can be really a lot of fun if you are in the right niche market. To find the right niche market, first you need to find a hungry crowd of willing and ready buyers. I will come back to how you can achieve this.


Now to find a real niche market, what you do is visit


There are so many little niche markets here that it is really hard to come across anyone in a good niche market. Even if you do, you can easily dominate those markets and all of this I will show you how to do this. So back to  What you do is look through the magazines section and you will find a whole load of magazines covering different topics. Here is just a small list of categories I have found in just 2 minutes:




Crafts & Hobbies 


What you do next is to choose the category that interests you. Say we choose Crafts & Hobbies Straight away in Crafts & Hobbies there are subsections:



Say we now choose Sewing we then see a list of available magazines for this sub category. My deduction is that if there is a magazine for this category, then there are people advertizing in them, hence this is a very profitable niche market.


What you do next is to choose which precise niche you want to go into. In this case I have chosen Australian Smocking and Embroidery.  


A lot of internet marketers do not know that google has actually made niche marketing so easy that even a child could make money online. What you do next is go to and sign up for google alerts on your desired niche market. What happens is that any time there is new content on the internet with relation to your desired niche market, in this case Australian Smocking and Embroidery google would send you an alert, constantly keeping you informed and ahead of your competitors.


Once you have your desired niche market, google this in goole search engine and see what results you get. Lets try that and see what we come up with… Results 1 – 10 of about 11,600 for Australian Smocking and Embroidery. (0.23 seconds)  The results we get srtaight away tells us that there is money in this niche. You know why, because there are only 11,600 results which means a better chance for us to monitize in this market. What you do next is to visit the top 3 websites in relation to your niche market. Doing this, I have found this website which is of interest to me..


Now I want to dominate this niche market. So what do I do, I go to


What this website does is to help you see what keywords your competitors are using to dominate google and this is where you get the advange over them. Lets see what we find out next..


This website is fantastic, because it tells you what keywords your competitors are using, it tells you how much they are paying google for their campaign, it shows you the positions of those keywords in google ranking. What you do next is to use these keywords in your blog website or wordpress website. I will even show you how to get free content for your website so as to dominate google. Tomorrow, I will show you how to find ready made, hot, willing, cash in hand buyers for whatever product you have to sell. Stay tuned… If you wish to contact me for private lessons, you can email me at Until tomorrow.. Take good care of yourself..

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