The first step is to select a market that you know will be profitable. You don’t want to waste your time promoting products that won’t make you any money. If you want to make money fast, then I highly recommend you start out selling information products. Instant delivery, high profit margins and high commissions make information the perfect product to sell online.The best place to start your search is in the Click Bank Marketplace. Look for products that pay 50% or more with at least 60% of total sales referred by affiliates. The top 10 in each category or sub-category are the most popular products. You should start there and work your way down. Carefully Evaluate the Product Just because a product sells well doesn’t mean you should promote it. There are a lot of scam artists that sell junk with a great sales letter they stole from somebody else. That’s one of the reasons I always buy everything I promote. Read the Sales Letter the product that you want to promote should have a sales page that converts at least 3% of the visitors you send. Here are the top 5 elements of a good sales letter:1. the title should be in big, bold letters and lead with the main benefit. It should immediately grab your attention and convey exactly “what’s in it for you.” The sub-heading or first paragraph should clearly state what you learn by staying and reading the rest of the letter. 2. In most cases, longer sales letters tend to convert better than short ones. People who are genuinely interested in the product will take the time to read every word. 3. You can never have too many bonuses (well maybe). But bonuses create an irresistible offer in the buyers mind and make it too good to refuse. However, make sure the bonuses are quality. Otherwise, it could have the opposite affect. 4. Make sure there is an incentive to “act now.” A limited-time offer creates fear that the buyer may miss out on something if he doesn’t take action immediately. 5. Beware of sales pages that offer multiple payment options. If the merchant accepts payment through Click Bank and 2CheckOut, Papal or Storm Pay Run! Because you won’t get commission unless the customer orders through Click Bank. In fact, any outgoing links, especially Ad sense ads, are unacceptable. Buy the Product You simple have to buy the products you plan to promote. Here’s why first, it’s difficult to sell something unless you know, first hand, that it’s a good product. It’s easier to convince your prospects to buy something when truly believe they will benefit. Second, you need to have knowledge of the product so you can effectively pre-sell it. Giving your unbiased opinion or review is the best way to warm your prospects up for the sales letter. Third, you can use excerpts from the book in your content to show people that you actually own the product.

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