There are online marketing schools but I don’t hear much about them in the general discussions going on endlessly about Internet Marketing. Seems to me they should get more respect. Here’s a place you can actually learn about Internet Marketing (IM) without being pitched to buy some program that will make you rich overnight.

I love these schools. I am enrolled in two of them! I have a favorite but the other one is so good I keep going to it, too! Why do I like these places so much? I can get the answers I need to further my skill levels in the various types of IM.

I must digress. I am very comfortable right now. My wife and I took off in our RV and headed south to some famous bicycle trails and we are living the good life. Good food, great scenery, good bicycles, our RV, and our 2 dogs (who ride on our bikes) with us! All it takes (besides knowing how) is time and money!

I got back to the rig this sunny afternoon and had an idea about this article so I pulled out my trusty MacBook Pro and here I sit, birds chirping, sipping a coke, writing about Internet Marketing. I am using article marketing to drive very qualified, targeted traffic to my landing pages.

I mention this because I consider this to be one of the main benefits of Online Marketing. You can do it from anywhere. I can run my business from my RV! Sound fun? It is to me! And you can do this too. Work from anywhere, I mean. It is a real privilege to be able to take care of the mornings business in my sweats with a good cup of coffee. It’s work, only with a homey atmosphere.

My estimate is, that if you start your schooling now, apply yourself diligently, do your lessons, do your homework and learn all you can that in six months you’ll be there. You’ll be knowledgeable enough to pick from several ways to make money online. That’s how it went for me. I’m not rich but I’m actually working on it!

It’s actually the easy way. It isn’t the get-rich-quick-if-you-follow-these-steps kind of thing. Most of those range from completely phony to partially true or really can only be taken advantage of by someone that knows what they are doing! That isn’t you if you are a newcomer to IM looking for a way to get started.

The way to start begins with understanding the big picture. Then we’ll drill down into the details. Details make sense when they are presented logically as a piece of the big picture. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle with sequential numbers on the pieces.

Take my word for it. I started wrong before I started right. What a mess and waste of time. I learned how to really get started in these Online IM schools and you can too. Or you can go out into the field and get the runaround. I think you know what to do. Check out the links below and see for yourself. For the first 20 people that sign up I’m going to try an experiment. Each person can have 1 hour with me personally.

Any questions you have about IM I’ll do my best to help you with. If I don’t know the answer I will find it and get back to you. Should be kinda fun. I’m sure I’ll learn something and that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

So learn! You don’t know much about Internet Marketing but are interested in giving it a try? Maybe you’d like to learn about other ways of making money online? Maybe you have learned quite a bit and want to take it to the next level. Whatever you want to learn about IM you can learn inexpensively, at your own pace, so you can get it down and make your own decisions about how to proceed. Go for it!

I’ll see you on the road to success,

Riley WestOfficial Internet Income Guide

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