by Jared Smith
Thanks to the technological revolution if people need a second income they don’t always have to go out and get another job. The Internet provides the opportunity to make money from home. The most successful method of making money on line is through affiliate marketing. Here are two methods that affiliate marketers use to make money.

#1) Sales – When an affiliate leads a person to a website and the person purchases the product the affiliate gets a certain percentage of the purchase. This is the basis of affiliate marketing. This method takes a little longer then the second because the individual has to purchase the product in order for the affiliate to receive a commission.

#2) Leads – When an affiliate leads a person to a website and the person enters their information, either in the form of an email address or a phone number, the affiliate receives a commission. This form of affiliate marketing will receive a greater number of commissions because people are more willing to give away their email address then their credit card numbers. However the amount per commission will be far less then the first method.

Either method will produce results. When implemented correctly an affiliate can receive hundreds or thousands of dollars every month by promoting products either through sales or leads. You’ve seen commercials on tv promising thousands of dollars a month with virtually no effort from you. All of those commercials are wrong.

Affiliate marketing is only successful if you take action. If you expect to push a button once and make thousands of dollars in profit then you will fail like 90% of affiliate marketers do. However if you do put the effort in you will see the amazing income that can be generated through affiliate marketing.

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