Do you need some extra cash fast — like today? Then I have some good news for you. Even a newbie can come on the internet and set up a quick system that will make money online today. You just have to know what to do. This article will briefly outline what to do for you.

First,  find an affiliate program that pays directly and immediately into your Paypal account. There are digital products and ebooks that anyone can sell online immediately without the need for a website. When someone purchase the product through your specific URL link, you will actually receive the commission into your Paypal account immediately. So yes! With these programs you truly can make money online today!

In order to find such a program, do an internet search for “$7 reports ” or “$7 downloads.” You will find website bookstores with low cost reports for sale. Nearly all of the reports can be re-sold right away — and you often earn 100% of the profits immediately sent into your Paypal account! You don’t even have to set up a website because you will be provided your own affiliate tracking URL . So when you send someone to the site from your unique URL — and that person makes a purchase –the commission goes directly to you — directly to your Paypal account —  immediately!

There are many ways to get traffic to your instant affiliate “report for sale” site. Some of the best ways are to send ads out on the credit based safelists. Of course if you have your own email list, you can mail info out on the reports to your list. You can also use free traffic exchanges. Placing ads on forums in the appropriate places, as well as having a signature link in your forum does well. Posting free ads on craigslist and backpage and other high traffic classified ad sites can also drive some traffic to your site.

Usually for every 50-100 clicks that you get on your link – you will make 1-2 sales. It’s pretty simple — more quality traffic equals more sales. So if you spend some time today driving traffic to one of these sites through your unique affiliate URL, and you truly can make money online today (and have it in your Paypal account today too!)



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