by David Lim
The Internet is full of offers to start home based businesses. If you were to buy into the advertising, you would get the impression that a home business is something that is easy to start, doesn’t need any skills or a lot of time and makes a lot of money.

The reality is very different. More often than not, many people will quit after a few months with mediocre results, while some might tough it out for a year or two, but still with rather poor results.

While a home based business is a dream come true in some respects, in that you can work on your own time, set your own targets and basically, run a business, it is not without its pitfalls. And you can’t just pick up somebody off the streets and expect them to have the skillsets and temperament to cope with its demands.

Despite the claims of many home business sites, a home based business is a business in every sense of the word. Not everybody can make a success of it. I have made a list of reasons and traits which you should NOT have to start a home business.

If You Are Looking At A Home Business To Replace Your Present Job

You hate everything about your job. In fact, there is not one thing about your job that you like, except the pay. You are looking to start a home based business to replace the pay that your job provides, so that you can quit your job.

If You Don’t Want To Learn New Skills

You are not interested nor are open to learning new skills. You intend to rely on everything you already know to run your business and have no intention of learning anything new even if it is called for or if your business requires it.

If You Are A Worker And Not An Entrepreneur

You search the web for step by step instructions to starting a home based business. You have no intention of changing the formula but simply want to follow all the instructions carefully. You do not expect any problems to crop up and are not prepared for any problems.

If You Are In Need Of Money Now

You are going to start a home based business expecting that it will earn you a few hundred dollars a month – just in time to pay for the house mortgage. Everything else is already stretched to the limit and the home business is your last hope.

If You Don’t Want To Work Real Hard

You are looking at home based businesses as a way of getting rich quick. You want to work a few hours a week, doing work that a 9 year old can do, and earn a four figure amount per month – just like many advertisements that you have seen.

In Conclusion

If you see yourself in just one of the categories above, my advice would be to think very carefully before starting a home business. While there are exceptions to every rule, a home business is a not something you want to start on a lark. You want to make sure you are armed to the teeth to ensure success in a home business.

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