I’ll bet that you have been trying to make money online for some time and are still asking yourself “Why am I not making any money?” or “What am I doing wrong?”. I can bet that you are probably trying to sell the latest make money online program or big Internet marketing software that will guarantee you overnight riches with your website. Have you checked your competition? The last time I searched for “Make Money Online” in Google there were over 150,000,000 results! I don’t know about you but if I was going to try to make money online I would not want to compete with 150,000,000 people, especially if I have a small budget. Let’s take a look at the world of niche marketing and how you can profit from it.
What Is A Niche Market?
A niche market is a more focused, targeted part of a big market sector. Usually niche markets provide a service or product that is not provided by the mainstream. These services or products are usually targeted to a smaller group of people. An example of a mainstream big market online would be “Dog Training”. If you took this sector you can break this big niche down into smaller niches like a specific company that deals with certain types of behavioral problems in dogs or even go further by picking a specific dog breed and finding breed specific training books, videos or programs.
When you market these products to these niche markets you are also at the same time eliminating lots of competition. It is not uncommon to do a search for a niche service or product on Google and find 50,000 competing pages which is a goldmine for marketers. Sometimes you can find something that has very little competition and gets over 1000 searches a month online.
How Can I Make Money In Niche Marketing?
Making money in niche marketing is really no different than making money with regular mass marketing. The only difference is that you need to know how to spot profitable niches that have little or no competition. This can be easily dome with the use of free keyword research tools and search engine data.
Their are lots of online stores and affiliate programs that have niche products in their catalogs for you to make money with. All it takes is for you to identify this niche market or product and join the affiliate program of the store that has it. Some products even have their own affiliate programs which is even better.
Once you identify the niche, you can easily build a website or blog that revolves around that one product and nothing else. Doing this can almost guarantee you high search engines rankings and lots of traffic for your niche website. The best part about this traffic is that it will be highly targeted and your conversion rates will be much higher than with a bigger niche with lots of competition.
Niche marketing does not make as much money as bigger markets but if you build an empire of niche websites you can make just as much money if not more than the big boys. I suggest you give niche marketing a try if you have tried unsuccessfully to make money online with affiliate programs. It much easier to make money and you will see results a lot sooner with a niche website.

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