Most companies, whether big and established or small and brand new, should direct their advertising to select niche audiences. Niche marketing can be tremendously lucrative.
For instance, visualize yourself presenting a product or service that’s just right for a select niche group. Because you are more selective your marketing budget would go a lot further because you are only reaching a small niche of customers. This allows you to promote with greater regularity and make more sells at a much lower cost. Taking on a new niche can be a low-risk way to cultivate your business, but there are some very important rules you must consider and never fall short on:
1. Fulfill their distinctive needs. The benefits you guarantee must have extraordinary appeal to the niche. What can you make available that meet the needs of your prospective clients, and seek ways to offer your product or service in ways your competitors can’t or won’t offer. It’s not always a lower price, but quite often more value that is the key.
2. Present what you have to offer the right way. You should get to know your market’s “action switches” … What have they purchased in the past… Go to that sales page and read through it to see what were the exact headlines, selling points, selling prices and closing remarks used in those sells letters… What was the call to action that “forced” them to buy the product?
Never forget when you begin to develop another niche market that you want to dominate, and annihilate the competition you find there, that success leaves a trace and you need to look for those traces and apply them over and over to your own niche marketing.
3. Always test your market. The simplest and easiest way to learn what your niche wants is to see what they are already buying. The next thing is to see what they didn’t like about that product or what they thought could be improved upon and then fill that need.
Almost no one other than the top marketers do this type of test marketing… I shouldn’t even reveal it, but I am. Find the last great selling product and place some target PPC or pay per impression ads on Google and ask for reviews on the product.. All you need is 100 to get a feel of what the attitude was about that product. . . Then fix that problem!
You already have thousands of people interest in that product, who purchased that product, and who want that little bit more over and beyond what that product didn’t provided… It doesn’t have to be the original creator of that niche product who does a follow up promotion… You can do it!
Do it in your own words, even use the product’s name unless it’s copyrighted. Tell people what you respectfully thought was lacking and then tell them you have the solution… It works!
Yes, there are a lot more details to this process that I can’t share in one simple article, but you do get the overall power of the concept. If you want to annihilate your niche competition this is an excellent way to do it by turning the short comings of their products into your own profit pool. You’ll build trust and a sense of expertise in your niche market by solving problems others overlooked. This is in fact what niche marketing is all about.

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