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Niche Markets for Fashion!?

In my fashion class we have to design clothes for a target market. It has to be something wide enough so that I can come up with lots of designs, but narrow enough so that it’s not just ‘maternity’ or ‘kids-wear’. Please help, I can’t think of anything good! I’d love for it to be a bit quirky, also. Thanks heaps!

kids summer attire, with swim suits, hats and wraps. i am a mom and i am always looking for a good bonnet…work with a little vintage, like the bonnets and short dresses where you can see the diaper peek out? idk, i love that kind of stuff and sew it for my girls, because you can’t find it in stores.

i also like to make myself vintage stuff so it don’t look like were stepping out of two different eras. but i do mix it with a lot of new stuff.

kinda like pin up style, i love to see kids in leopard and pink!!!

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