Are you just starting your online business? As a beginner, it is almost always best to start out use free marketing methods. That is because there is a learning process to making money on the Internet. It takes most people a number of months before they start making money online.

They key to making money online is traffic. You have to develop some method of generating traffic. I like writing articles. To be successful using articles you have to write at least one a day. It is better to write two or three a day, but most people cannot do this because they are not working full-time. If, like most people, you can only commit a few hours per week, spend a Saturday afternoon and write 7 articles. Then submit one each day for the following week.

Make sure that each of your articles are all targeted to the products and services that you offer on your website or blog. Include a resource box in each article that provides three links to your website, blog, or products that you endorse. By submitting articles every day, readers will see your name more and more and come to see you as an expert in your field. That is why it is important that all of your articles be in the same niche.

Ideally, diversify your traffic generating techniques. Use free ezine ads as a promotional technique. Few people realize that many ezines will allow you to place one or more free ads if you subscribe to their service. This can be a very effective technique to generate traffic. Do a search and locate twenty to fifty ezines. Go to each site and determine if they allow new subscribers to place free ads. If they do not, move on to the next ezine.

I do not recommend that you jump right into pay-per click programs if you are just starting out. Even if you commit a minimal amount, such as $5.00 per day, it can cost you $400 – $500 before you begin to make any money at all. There is a learning process involved to be successful using PPC methods. Even many seasoned professionals lose at first. You are best served by starting out with free techniques and then try PPC after you have begun to make some money.

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