In a world dominated by computers, it is no longer surprising that everything can already be found online. From schools to shops – everything has its virtual counterpart, even communities and businesses!
Ecommerce has found its way into the mainstream, and those who engage with cyberspace are considered the best in their industry. With more than a million pages on the internet, and more being added by the minute, competition on the web is just so tight. How do you think websites garner their reputation? How do they get repeat visitors?
The answer to that lies in what we call the new industry of internet marketing. With almost all websites engaging in some form of internet marketing strategy, you’re sure to have heard it before. Search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, and now niche marketing – these are just some of the strategies that internet marketers employ to bring sites to the top of their field.
Niche marketing strategy isn’t really new, but it is a by-product of the search for a more focused approach to internet marketing. Wikipedia defines a niche market as a “focused targetable portion of a market”. In laymen’s term, this means a smaller part of a market. A market niche is like a location. You identify where and to whom your service is for. To give you an example, a website is focused on giving music production tutorials to newbies. There might be other sites which offer the same service but this time for advanced music producers. By focusing on newbies or people who have some skill on producing music, sites can now create new products and services in response to the need of their clients.
Focusing on a niche can expand your appeal to clients and increase referrals as more products and services are created based on the demand of the market. Your niche marketing strategies can also mirror your company’s highest values without sacrificing them just to get full profit. When you focus on a niche, which is usually your interest, you can employ your skills, talents, trainings and more of your time and effort. This way, earning an income is no longer as difficult as before since you also get to enjoy your work.
Most niche marketers rely on the loyalty of their customer base in order for them to maintain a profitable volume of sales. A common practice among niche marketers is affiliate marketing. By promoting targeted products and services, it is easier for affiliates to reach clients who are in interested in the same hobby or activities thereby allowing affiliates a small but regular stream of income. Affiliate marketing is often practiced by people who have their own websites but do not have the budget to develop their own products and services.
For internet marketers, focusing on a niche is necessary especially when you are new to internet marketing as this prevents the wastage of resources, and this is especially important if you have very limited stock. Remember that not everyone can be as successful as Wikipedia, unless of course, you’re ready to spend as much money, time and effort.

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