Making money online always sounds good. Advertisers are using clever marketing techniques that make it seem like all you need is an Internet connection and a few minutes a day to strike it rich. Many websites are nothing more than cash cows that are designed to take your money and leave you feeling frustrated about what you did wrong.

With the economy in a recession and so many people out of work, more people are turning to the Internet to find ways to make money online at home because the jobs simply aren’t there and unemployment benefits are barely helping to make ends meet. The good news is that it is possible make money online if avoid these five things that can prevent you from making money online.

1. Lack of DeterminationIf you’ve recently lost your job and are feeling a sense of urgency about making money online, you may be very determined. As you start to conduct research and make information requests from various websites, you may notice that your email address or phone number is being passed around to other similar parties known as third party vendors. These parties want to sell you something, not help you to make money. Avoid letting such contacts steal your determination to find a way to make money online. When you begin to feel frustrated, fortify your determination by reminding yourself that there are genuine opportunities to be found and that staying determined will help you locate them.

2. Education/KnowledgeThis is not to suggest that you have to have a doctor’s degree for making money online. But one consideration you may want to undertake is that the more education and knowledge you have, the more opportunities you may be able to take advantage of when it comes to making money online. For example, there are opportunities to make money online as a college professor if you have the right education.

3. NetworkingAs with any other scenario, the Internet is a wealth of connections with regard to people and the knowledge sets they share. Failing to network can be a direct result of not being able to make money online. As you may know, the saying goes that it is not always what you know but who you know. Even some social networking sites have professional and job opportunity groups that you can join where the dissemination of information can help you find a money making opportunity online.

4. ResourcesThis refers to all sorts of resources that may be required in your pursuit of making money online. A properly functioning computer is a must. A high speed Internet connection, working telephone line, basic printer and access to a fax machine can all be reasons that will keep you from finding ways to make money online.

5. DesireThis may sound cliché but there is more truth to this than just a saying. The desire to make money online goes hand in hand with the determination to keep searching until a valid money-making opportunity has been found. It is simple enough to give in to temptations to kick back and relax and postpone searching for work. This is a direct killer of finding ways to make money online. The postponement can turn to procrastination and both lead to laziness. Maintain your desire and remember that your desire will be like coals on the fire to keep you going towards the success of making money online.


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