Finding a niche market is not difficult if you take specific steps.  You want to know who you are marketing to, what they are looking for and how to reach them.  This article will give tips on how to find a niche market.

What is your niche market?  This is the group of people that you plan on marketing a product to.  For example, you may want to reach people that want to stop smoking, have acne or want to get their puppy potty trained.  The main factor that all of these have in common is that they are things that people want to get done NOW.  Some call these topics “hair on fire” topics because they want the answers immediately and are willing to pay to have them.  A good example of this would be puppy training.  If you have a puppy that keeps going potty in the house and on your carpet, you are going to get frustrated very quickly.  Do you think someone would pay for the information to get the puppy to stop?  You bet. Especially if you gear all your information to this problem.  Well, that is what niche marketing is all about.  Finding products that people need right away and providing an answer to their needs.

Finding your niche market doesn’t have to be difficult, but you do have to answer the basic questions, who, what, where when, why and how.  This will help you narrow down your parameters so you can be very specific in your marketing.

Who am I marketing to? Think about the age group you are marketing to, what would concern them and how you would talk to them.  For instance, you would speak in the same tone of voice to a teenager that you would to a middle aged businessman.

What are they looking for? Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what their biggest needs are.

Where can they get what they are looking for? Will your market audience find what they are looking for online?

When? That’s easy, they want what they need now!

Why do they need this? What makes what they are looking for so important and why do they need it now?

How can what I have benefit my market audience? Think about their particular needs and

focus on solving their problems.

Again, if we were talking about puppy training, my market may be a bit varied, but mostly it would be to adults who have personal possessions that they don’t want destroyed.  They don’t like having to clean up after the puppy and they also don’t like the smell that may be left behind.  The carpet may be getting ruined and despite all their attempts to get the puppy to go outside, the puppy still goes in the house.  They want a solution immediately, of course, and they just want to get their life back to normal with a well behaved dog that they can show off to friends, family and neighbors.

When I market to my audience, I want to reach them on a personal level and show them how I can help them.  Remember, you will make many more sales if you can show your audience that you can really help them.  They are not looking for a sales job.

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